The Dance Academy 
of Mount Forest

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Fee Schedule

Our Dance season runs from September 19th to the end of May.  We take three weeks off at Christmas and one week off during March break.

Little Dancers - 30 minute class - $24.00 for each 6 week session. No recital fee. No fundraising fee. Sessions run one after the other for the entire season.

Demi, 1/2, and Senior Pointe - 30 minute class - $140.00 for the entire season

Beginner Ballet, Pre-Primary Ballet, Primary Ballet, Grade 1 Ballet, Grade 2 Ballet, Tap 1 and 2, Jazz 1, 2, 3, 4 - 45 minute class - $210.00 for the entire season

Grade 3A Ballet, Grade 3B Ballet, Modern 1, Modern 2  - 1 hour class - $280.00 for the entire season

Grade 4B Ballet, Pre-Elementary B Ballet, Senior Ballet, Modern 3, Modern 4, Senior Modern - 1 hour 15 minute class - $350.00 for the entire season

Special Offer:  Dancers (age 8 years and up) that are taking a ballet class may take a modern class for 1/2 price

Dancers (age 12 years and up) that are taking ballet and modern classes may take a pointe class for free.

Dancers (age 12 years and up) that are taking a ballet class may take a pointe class for 1/2 price.

Recital Fee: We charge one $20.00 recital fee per dancer per type of dance class they have enrolled in.  For example if Jennifer is enrolled in Ballet and Modern for the Dance Season, then $40.00 of Recital Fees will be added to her statement.  This fee helps to offset expenses such as: fabric, sets, props, and rentals for the year end performance.  

We do not charge families for costumes.  Costumes belong to The Dance Academy.

Fundraising Fee:  We are a non-profit organization.  Our expenses include such things as: rent, heat, hydro, water, insurance, advertising, teacher's salaries, and everything needed to put on our year end performance (i.e. facility rental, technical support, stage equipment, etc.).  Our fees do not cover all our expenses, therefore, in addition to class and recital fees, a fundraising amount of $80.00 will be added to each family's statement. No matter how many children in one family are dancing and no matter how many classes they are taking, there is only one $80.00 fundraising fee applied to the family's statement. 

We will provide several fundraising opportunities throughout the year to help families raise the fundraising amount, or each family may choose to pay the fundraising amount on its own.  Fundraising opportunities include, but are not limited to: Vesey's Fundraising with Flowers, Big Box of Cards, Elmira Poultry products fall and spring, Sassy Sister's party dip at Christmas, M&M Meats in-store fundraiser, Tupperware, etc.  

90% of the profit you bring in from these fundraisers will be first deducted from your fundraising amount and once your fundraising amount has been eliminated then the 90% of the profit will be deducted from your remaining fee balance.  

Ticket sales for the year end performance are another major fundraiser.  Adult tickets are $12.00 with $10.00 of each adult ticket you sell coming directly off your family fundraising amount and then fee totals; while $5.00 of every $6.00 child's ticket you sell comes off your total also. 

Performance Expectations: Every family is asked to contribute their time to complete a job toward the successful outcome of our year end performance.  We perform twice during the weekend of the show (usually Saturday and Sunday afternoon) and families are asked to sign up for a job during one performance and then watch the other performance.  The weekend dates of the performance and sign-up list with job opportunities will be posted with plenty of time for families to make their commitment.  If you are unable to help or would prefer not to, then it is your responsibility to ask a friend or another family member to take your place (some restrictions may apply).

Payment Plan: We require a down payment at registration, and the entire balance must be paid off the end of May 2018. You will receive statements after every fundraiser showing your payments and fundraising profit deductions and your balance due.  You can pay in instalments or all at once; by cash or cheque.