The Dance Academy 
of Mount Forest

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Classical BalletWe offer Ballet starting at age 4.  Our Ballet program is a blend of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the Canadian Dance Teacher's Association (CDTA) instruction, along with creative movement and choreography.  Female students wear a black bodysuit (long sleeves or tank), pink ballet tights, leather ballet slippers.  Male students wear black shorts, a white t-shirt with short sleeves and black leather ballet slippers.  Hair must be off the face and in a ballet bun off the neck.
Ballet Classes Offered: Beginners (age 4), Pre-Primary (age 5), Primary (age 6), Grade 1 (age 7), Grade 2 (age 8), Grade 3B (age 9/10), Grade 4A/4B (age 11/12), Pre-Elementary B (ages 13-14), Senior Ballet (15-18), and Adults.  We try our best to place new dancers in their proper age group, but the teachers will need to discuss the placement of any student that is older than 12 years.  

Pointe: We offer Pointe to students who are age 13+, have been taking ballet for at least 2 years, are taking a ballet class, and totally at the professional discretion of the teacher. 

Modern Dance: We offer Modern to children aged 8 to 18.  Our Modern dance program combines fundamental dance technique with creative movement in a Humphrey and Limon style.  Modern is danced in bare feet, with female dancers wearing a black bodysuit and black footless tights.  Male dancers wear black shorts and a black short-sleeved t-shirt.  Hair must be off the face and long hair must be in a ponytail. 

Modern Classes Offered: Modern 1 (ages 8-9), Modern 2 (ages 10-11), Modern 3 (ages 12-14*), Senior Modern (ages 14-18**)

*14 year olds who are new to The Dance Academy

**Only for returning Dance Academy students 

Tap:  Tap 1 (ages 5-6) Tap 2 (ages 7-8) Tap 3 (ages 9-11) and Adult Tap (ages 19 and up).  Black tap shoes are preferred.

Acro:  Mini Acro (ages 5-6), Acro 1 (ages 7-12), Acro 2 (ages 13+).  

6 Week Little Dancers:  These sessions are for families that do not want to commit to a whole year of dance and run throughout the dance season.  The dancers (ages 3-4) are not in the year-end performance, but on the 6th class families are invited into the studio so the little dancers may show off what they have learned.  Dancers may wear any of their own favourite dancing outfits and their hair does not have to be in a bun.  Please make sure they have some type of ballet slippers, or ballet-like slippers they can wear for class.  Non-slip socks or bare feet are acceptable too.


Drama Classes:  Returning this year we will be offering again one 12 week sessions (Session 1: September to December) for Ages 7 and up.  Participants will perform a play at the end of each session on a local stage (ticket prices TBA).  The play chosen to perform will be dependent on the number and ages of the students who enrol.

In all our classes (except the Drama class) we offer a 6 week trial.  Any student is welcome to try out the class for the first 6 weeks of the Dance Season and pay for only those 6 weeks without worrying about buying dance wear.