The Dance Academy 
of Mount Forest

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Classical Ballet: We offer Ballet starting at age 4.  Our Ballet program is a blend of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the Canadian Dance Teacher's Association (CDTA) instruction, along with creative movement and choreography.  Female students wear a black bodysuit (long sleeves or tank), pink ballet tights, leather ballet slippers.  Male students wear black shorts, a white t-shirt with short sleeves and black leather ballet slippers.  Hair must be off the face and in a ballet bun off the neck. .
Ballet Classes Offered: Beginners (age 4), Pre-Primary (age 5), Primary (age 6), Grade 1 (age 7), Grade 2 (age 8), Grade 3A (age 9), 3B (age 10), Grade 4B (ages 11 & 12), and Senior Ballet (13-18).  We try our best to place new dancers in their proper age group, but the teachers will need to discuss the placement of any student that is older than 12 years.   This year, ballet classes will be taught by Miss Jenna, Miss Jennie and Miss Shannon and are available for students aged 4-18.

Pointe: Pointe work is a part of classical ballet and is danced in specialized pointe shoes. Classes are available to our older dancers who have taken at least 2 years of ballet and at the discretion of their teacher. Dancers must begin by taking Pre-Pointe and Ballet Strengthening classes starting at age 11. This year, Pre-Pointe and Pointe classes will be taught by Miss Jennie and Miss Shannon and are available for students aged 11+.

Modern Dance: Our Modern dance program combines fundamental dance technique along with creative movement in the Humphrey and Limon style. Modern is danced in bare feet and enjoys movements that are fluid and expressive, but also fast and energetic! 

This year, Modern classes will be taught by Miss Jenna, Miss Jennie and Miss Shannon. Modern Classes Offered: Modern 1 (ages 7 & 8), Modern 2 (ages 9 & 10), Modern 3 (ages 11 & 12), and Senior Modern (ages 13-18)

Tap: Tap dance allows students to connect with the music and explore rhythm as they create their own sounds through dance! Dancers wear specialized shoes with metal taps affixed to the toe and heel.

This year, Tap classes will be taught by Miss Heather and are available for students aged 4+. Classes offered: Mini Tap (ages 4-6) and Tap 1 (ages 7-8).  Black bodysuit and black footless tights.  Black tap shoes are preferred.

AcroAcro combines classical dance techniques with acrobatic elements, creating a truly unique dance experience! This is our second year offering Acro which follows the accredited Acrobatique Syllabus. We emphasize safe training practices, injury-prevention training and all tricks are spotted until dancer’s foundational strength and confidence is built.

This year, Acro classes will be taught by Miss Shannon and are available for students aged 4+. Classes offered: Mini Acro (ages 4-6), Acro 1 (ages 7-8), Acro 2A (ages 9-12, general level), Acro 2B (ages 9-12, advanced level).

*New this year: 
Scottish Highland Dancing: Scottish Highland Dancing 1 (ages 5 & 6), Scottish Highland Dancing 2 (ages 7+)

*New this year: 

Clogging: Clogging is a dance that began in the Appalachian Mountains in the mid 1700’s when immigrants from Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany and such countries settled in the Appalachian Mountains in the US. The folk-dance steps from each country were melded together with those of the US to form Clogging steps. Clogging combines percussive footwork with Appalachian figure dancing and has evolved constantly ever since. We continue to celebrate our “hoedown” roots, while also enjoying new ways for people to move and connect rhythms with music from hip hop to country to rock music and everything in between. The best way to describe clogging is that it is a cross between Irish dancing and tap dancing, but has its own personal way to execute the steps. You do not need a partner to clog and you are never too old to clog. It is a great way for everyone to have fun, fellowship, and exercise. If you can clap your hands and stomp your feet to the beat of music then, you can clog!

Ages 7 to adult. Seniors are welcome. (If enough interest, Senior classes will be scheduled on an afternoon through the week.)

6 Week Little Dancers: Due to Covid protocols we require an adult to participate with their little dancer (from two and a half to four years old) in order to provide assistance in keeping their dancer physically distanced from the other dancers.  Dancers may wear any of their own favourite dancing outfits and their hair does not have to be in a bun. They will need some type of ballet or ballet-like slippers or non-slip socks for their feet, as will their adult companions.